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Mr and Ms Body Beautiful

SWIMSUIT / BODY JUDGING ROUND: 60% of final score

Judges will be looking for a fresh faced, healthy look. A toned body is required without muscle. Low levels of body fat are necessary, however the girl must not look skeletal. Grooming and bikini choice will play a big deciding roll. A typical example would be a girl who could sell a weigh less product.

THEME WEAR / ROUND 2: 40% of final score
Mr and Ms Body Beautiful contestants are to think “Out of the box” when choosing an outfit. The theme ‘Around the world’ has so many different entities so being extremely creative will make the contestants stand out.  Judges will be looking at your overall presentation on stage, beauty, poise, confidence, originality and ability to model on stage. Your theme wear does not have to be the most expensive its how you work it!
Please note: Both swimsuit and theme round will be done at pre judging this year and only the top 10 athletes in this division will qualify for the main show.